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Hello guys, I want to share with you my top favorite apps to use in Istanbul.Trendyol or HepsiBurada:-For buying things online, like clothes, makeup, home decor, furniture is electronics, and much more in Turkey we regularly use eitherTrendyol or HepsiBurada. We can literally find everything you're looking for. So if you're staying in Turkey for the long term, you will need, of course, a phone number where they can contact you. Then you can use these apps. In case you want to explore certain areas of the city in a different way, then we can recommend renting a scooter or a bike. These two are great, especially in areas along the seaside where you can find suitable areas for riding a bike or a scooter. For example,in Kadikoy,Bostanci or Sariyer. You will need a Turkish visa to enter the country if you are traveling soon to Istanbul. You can get more information about Turkey visas on our Turkey visa page.

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